I am an Accounting Tech

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Welcome to the 21st Century Accounting world. Where business happens Automagically.

What is an Accounting Tech?  An Accounting Tech is your guide to moving from a manual, error prone data entry system to a new digital speed of light information system.

What is Automagically? Automagically describe the process of replacing a manual process like invoicing, stamping, mailing, waiting for approval, receiving, recording, depositing, a 30 day process for most small businesses to receive payments  to automatically invoicing and receiving the money in your bank the next day.  Amazing right? Hence the name……..

This is done with new technology called Apps, a new name for software programs. Well, more than that but close enough that you get the idea.

This requires change and a new way of thinking.  Change is usually not fun for small business owners.  An Accounting Tech will be there to help you move from a paper centric organization to a digital one. They will help you choose the app(s) you need, connect your apps to your accounts so they sync, or talk to each other.  They will help you with implementation, new procedures and best practices.  They will help you avoid the pitfalls inherent in any transformation.

Once set up is complete, the small business owner will be running leaner and meaner with real time data. That translates to a better understanding of your business, to make better, timely management decisions that lead to bigger profits.

Your data will become a valuable commodity. And as an added bonus – no more paper filing.  All of your data will be in a digital format and readily accessible to anyone who needs the data. At the end of the year, you will have all your information ready and available for your EA or accountant to prepare your tax returns on time!   Automagically!